How to Cook Tasty Healthy yogurt dip (Raita)

Healthy yogurt dip (Raita). If yogurt is sour add a pinch of sugar. It's more about texture and temperature than anything else—cool, creamy, a little crunch from the cucumber—and so the preparation is as straightforward as the ingredients. Cut your cucumber into tiny cubes, and mince some cilantro.

Healthy yogurt dip (Raita) Rinse scallions, pat dry and cut into thin rings. Raita is a side dish from Indian Cuisine, made with yogurt, spices, herbs, vegetables and sometimes even with fruits. It is an integral part of Indian meal menus. You can cook Healthy yogurt dip (Raita) using 0 ingredients and 0 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Healthy yogurt dip (Raita)

Use plain yogurt, and try to avoid Greek yogurt. Indian yogurt ( dahi) is less "solid" than Greek yogurt, and is unflavored. Serve a cooling raita dip as a side for barbecues and spicy curries. This Indian yogurt condiment can be flavoured with cucumber, mint, coriander and more..

Healthy yogurt dip (Raita) instructions

A herby yogurt dip to serve with curry recipes and spiced food. If you want to make this sauce ahead, keep the cucumber separate until the last minute. Healthy Blue Cheese Dip or Salad Dressing. Greek Yogurt Dip with Herbs and Garlic. To make the raita creamier, add some fresh cream into it before adding the vegetables and spices. ….

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