How to Make Yummy Healthy mango lassi

Healthy mango lassi. Mango Lassi is a healthy, sweet Indian fro yo smoothie made with fresh mango, greek yogurt and milk. I used fat free yogurt and milk to keep it light. It's delicious and a wonderful way to start your day, or enjoy this with a nice Indian dish like chicken curry.

Healthy mango lassi This Mango lassi is sweet, tangy, and refreshing. It is made without added sugars, full of good probiotics, and is vegan-friendly. Best of all, it is really simple to make. You can cook Healthy mango lassi using 0 ingredients and 0 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Healthy mango lassi

Which automatically makes this Lassi good for losing weight. Mango: You can use fresh, frozen, or canned mango in this recipe.; Yogurt: I love rich, protein-packed Greek yogurt, but you could use regular, low-fat, or even plant-based yogurt in this lassi. I've also had success with kefir if you want a stronger punch of probiotics!; Milk: A splash of milk will give a nice consistency to this mango lassi. The lassi is incredibly simple to make, and I enjoy having it as a post-meal drink to cleanse the palette.

Healthy mango lassi step by step

It is a great afternoon refresher too! Frozen Mango: Although this mango lassi recipe works with frozen mango, I prefer using fresh (and ripe) mango because the color of the mango lassi is deeper. As an aside, canned mango pulp. Depending on how ripe and sweet your mango is, or if you are using canned and already sweetened mango pulp, you will need to add more or less honey or sugar to the lassi. If you have cardamom pods, crush the pods to remove the seeds, then grind the seeds with a mortar and pestle.

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